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Plastic card printing equipment

Plastic card printing equipment
Card manufacturing equipment is usually needed to ensure quick and secure issuing of personalized plastic cards for its customers and/or users. With the right equipment, you will be able to issue a personalized card in less than 20 seconds, which will really positively affect your business. We represent the most reliable manufacturers of card manufacturing equipment and we can offer you equipment to ensure both small companies and large corporate solutions along with the necessary software to ensure smooth work. After evaluating your needs, we will help you choose the optimal solution for card production.

Zebra ZXP 1

Zebra ZXP 1 image


FARGO C50 image

Zebra ZXP 300

Zebra ZXP 300 image

Zebra ZXP7

Zebra ZXP7 image

Zebra ZXP8

Zebra ZXP8 image