NFC.LT KeyEmu – NFC Reader software

Using our NFC Reader software, you can use PC\SC reader to emulate keyboard. It is a tray program that doesn’t interrupt your work.

Possible outputs

  • 4 byte or 7 byte Hex UID (Example: 71623D96)
  • 4 byte or 7 byte Reverse Hex UID (Example: 963D6271)
  • 4 byte or 7 byte Decimal UID (Example: 1902263702)
  • 4 byte or 7 byte Reverse Decimal UID (Example: 2520605297)
  • NFC Payload (Example: “enHello World”)

Prefix and Suffix can be configured

You can add prefix and suffix. Using squared brackets “[]” you can define ASCII symbols. Example: [13]

Compatible RFID/NFC cards

Mifare classic 1k/4k

Mifare Ultralight EV1 / Ultralight C

NTAG 213/215/216

Readers tested


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